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Who Really Killed JonBenet Ramsay

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

As a disclaimer, this is just my interpretation of the unsolved case of her murder.

JonBenet Ramsay’ murder is one of the most wellknown unsolved cases. Everyone knows it; she was a six year old beauty queen, it was 1996, and she was murdered in her own home in Boulder, Colorado on Christmas. The one thing that is still in the air is who did it? Though many think it was a child molestor or fan, I have reason to believe it was her brother Burke, and her parents, John and Patsy, helped cover it up. Here are the facts:

  • Patty and John were out that night, making sure that Burke and JonBenet were in their beds

  • Burke and JonBenet’s fingerprints were on a bowl of pineapple, meaning they were both awake

  • There was also a glass which only had Burke’s fingerprints

  • JonBenet had undigested pineapple in her stomach

  • JonBenet was murdered in her basement due to blunt force trauma to her head and asphyxia by strangulation

  • Burke had beaten JonBenet with a baseball bat in the past

  • The ransom letter was three pages, which is very uncommon as ransom letters are usually quite short and the letter was written on the Ramsay House notepad with a family pen

  • In the ransom letter to the billionaire family, the “kidnapper” had requested 118,000 dollars which is the same amount that John Ramsay received as a Christmas bonus that year

  • With thorough handwriting analysis, it was discovered that the note was written by Patsy

With these facts, I hope to prove my point. My interpretation is that when John and Patsy left that night, JonBenet ate some of the pineapple that Burke prepared for himself that night. This angered Burke, and he hit her over the head. When his parents came home, they staged the scene to protect him. The parents strangled her, hid her in the basement covered in tape, and had written a ransom note. Since the note required the same amount of money John received as a Christmas bonus, it would make it seem like whoever did this knew the Ramsay family, further distancing themselves from the case. My interest in JonBenet’s case is what piqued my interest in the world of investigation and crime.

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