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Three Brands That are Improving Their Industries

While many companies aim to change the harmful structures and patterns that negatively affect our planet, these brands put this goal into action and effect REAL change.

1. Decomposition by Michael Roger

For people all over the world, stationary and school supplies are a daily necessity, yet most people never really stop to think about how much paper they're using up or where that paper comes from. From a young age, children are taught about the importance of trees and the tragedy that is deforestation. However, we're never really told about our personal involvement in that industry. Our casual purchase of paper products like notebooks contributes heavily to the terrible cycle that is deforestation. Although there are other facets to the problem, we have been unknowingly promoting the destruction of trees all over the globe through our excessive use of paper. This is why companies like Decomposition are so important. Decomposition is a brand that creates notebooks, sketchbooks, cards and more using 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper. This means that all the paper used in their products was once used by someone else. Not only do they create sustainable paper products, but they create products that are cute and appealing to people of all generations. By creating and selling supplies made of recycled paper, Decomposition has helped conserve "nearly 40,000 trees, over sixteen million gallons of wastewater, and thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide and solid waste".

2. Aerie

A large and often unrecognized problem in today's society is the pressure of fulfilling an unrealistic beauty standard that is often placed on young and impressionable girls. Many brands and companies try to sell their items or ideals by using an ideal body type to teach women and girls how they should act or look. Aside from teaching young girls that being beautiful is fitting into the world's idea of a perfect body, many companies also suffer from a lack of diversity. This applies to the absence of representation for girls of various races, body types, heights, disabilities, and more. Although there are many brands who aim to fulfill and contribute to this standard of beauty, there are some brands that work against this problem. One of these brands is Aerie. Aerie is a women's clothing brand created and owned by American Eagle. This brand provides cute and comfortable clothing for women of all ages and walks of life while promoting inclusivity and body positivity. With each promotional campaign and photoshoot, Aerie helps bring the fashion industry a step further from this unrealistic standard. They promote the beauty, wellness, and positivity of impressionable girls all over the world instead of inflicting shame on those who feel different from the women they see on their screens at home.

3. G Polish

An unknown fact about the nail polish industry is that most brands test their polish on animals to open up markets overseas. Contrary to popular belief, testing nail polish on animals isn't simply painting the animals nails and waiting for some sort of reaction. Animal tests for nail polish usually involve exposing the animal to the toxic chemicals within the product by feeding it to them or directly applying it to their eyes. Most nail polish includes chemicals that are harmful to the human body, such as nitrocellulose (a chemical used in dynamite), formaldehyde (a chemical used to preserve dead bodies), and other chemicals, many known to be toxic and carcinogenic. G-polish is a cruelty free, vegan, 10-free, and non-toxic company that provides products that are safe AND cute. Although G-polish is one of many companies that provide this product, they sell distinct colors and collections that make them a personal favorite of mine. To me, this brand represents the movement towards more companies that will make the nail polish industry safer for humans and animals alike.

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