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The Upside to Quarantine? Downtime.

Four months ago, A pandemic was the last thing on anyone's mind. No one expected an event as big as this to come and put a stop to all of our end of year and even summer plans. Because of this pandemic, people all over the world were forced to put a hold on their lives in hopes of stopping the spread. This hold has brought about many challenges to families and individuals everywhere. During this time, many of us have faced hardships and loss. However, rather than focusing on what we've lost, why not focus on what we've gained? One of the most important things that this quarantine has given us is downtime. This time has made it easy to truly connect with ourselves and those around us, while helping us focus on what we really want or need. In the constant chaos of school and extracurriculars it can be hard to make time for hobbies and exploring new passions, but with all the time this quarantine has allowed us, me and plenty of other people my age have had time to broaden our interests in all sort of things. I personally, found myself doing a lot less stressing over things I cannot control and a lot more cooking, baking, arts and crafts, reading, listening to new music, etc. Because of these things, I know now more about myself than I ever did before. I have had more time to be still and introspective, which has lead to growth in all areas of my life. I've been able to separate the things I liked for myself and the things I had been liking for others. I have discovered new favorite recipes, styles of clothing, musical artists, shows, and books that I truly enjoy.

Not to say that that this time has been perfect, obviously the pressure that comes with being a teenager in this time and being unable to see friends or experience school and day-to-day life as we previously knew it is intense and difficult. Nevertheless, I am grateful that I have been able to use this time to learn more about myself and the people I am close to. The break that this pandemic has given me taught me how to relax and enjoy everything around me, and I hope that this outlook helps remind you that even in times of challenge and difficulty there are always benefits to be discovered.

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