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The Truth Behind the Middle Child Syndrome

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

There are many doctors and psychologists who have studied brains to determine the characteristics of a middle child, but how much of that can actually be true?

My name is Madeline Leano and I am a middle child. I try not to let it define me, however, I have been told I fit the stereotype and that I am the complete opposite. But I won’t lie, I have been forgotten by my family MANY times. However, I have come to realize that many characteristics of this “syndrome” are not true. 

#1 Born negotiator

Myth: As a middle child, you are expected to be the one to solve problems between the oldest and the youngest. You are seen as the communication between the two as you have something in common with the two parties.

Fact: At least in my case, this is far from the truth. I will not lie, I tend to be a bit problematic in my home. I am a huge advocate for being completely honest, no matter how brutal the truth is, and this does not bode well with my more sensitive siblings. For this reason, I always seem to find myself against one sibling with the other negotiating. I cannot remember the last time I was the one moderating my older sister and younger brother. 

#2 Likes to blend in the background

Myth: When you are the oldest, you are the role model, and when you are the youngest, you are the baby and need all the attention. Where does a middle child fit in? They do not. Middle children are seen as background characters in their own movie. They are simply “unremarkable.”

Fact: I do not like to blend in because I like to be seen and heard. Life is short and one of my biggest fears is not being remembered. In my opinion, the meaning of life is to impact another’s, and how can you do that if no one knows you're there.

#3 They are the “good kids”

Myth: Middle children tend to be the best behaved. They are smart and know when to shut their mouths. They do not pick fights with their siblings and always do what their parents tell them. They like to check off all the boxes.

Fact: If you could not already tell, I am not the favorite child. I am known for my quick retorts to my siblings' attempts to make fun of me. I am quick on my feet with these responses and my parents do not like this trait. 

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