• Madeline

The Rubik's Cube

My troubled relationship with the popularized puzzle

Maybe it was the fact that I knew other people could not do it, or the way the plastic pieces rubbed against each other to make that satisfying click. Maybe it was the way that I knew no matter how messed up it was, I could get it back to its original form. Whatever the reason was, I was obsessed. The Rubik’s cube had a power over me.

Perhaps I should start with how we met. In sixth grade, like so many other monthly trends, the Rubik’s cube gained popularity among my classmates. Being new to my school and wanting to find a way to relate to others, I followed the fold. I bought a Rubik’s cube, and began my Youtube binge of how-to-solve videos. Once I learned how to solve it, I could not stop. I competed against myself in getting the fast time I could. I purchased cubes in all different dimensions and shapes. I was unstoppable. Then, like the others, the trend died and a new arose.

As the cubes grew dust, I grew older. My Rubik’s cubes were used as bookends. It was a sorry sight. Then, the pandemic hit, and the cubes caught my eye. Being shut in my room, I found solace with my old friends. I began playing with them more and more, and it was lovely. Whenever a family member walks in, they feel the need to mess up a Rubik’s cube, and it gives me such joy to see their eyes light up as I bring it back to its given formation.

No matter what happens, No matter how much time passes, my puzzles will be there for me, and hopefully I will be there for them.

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