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The BLM Movement

What is the Black Lives Matter Movement and why is it important?

The words "Black Lives Matter" have a distinct and different meaning for many groups of people. For some, it is just an organization or a phrase, but for us at Our Favorite Things and for many others around the world it is the mantra of a movement that is making long overdue changes to the American Government and Police Systems. Because of this movement, people from all types of communities have come together to put a stop to the murder and abuse of innocent black people due to police negligence or brutality. The recent murder of an innocent black man in Minneapolis named George Floyd sent shockwaves throughout multiple communities as it showed the extent of the unfair and abusive treatment black people face completely based on the color of their skin. Unfortunately, George Floyd is not the only black person who has faced an unjust death this year, that month, or even that week. This pattern shows us that the murder of black people by police is a terrifying and noticeable commonality that is too important to ignore. As the list of black people who have died at the hands of racist and corrupt police continues to grow, the amount of police who are actually being tried and convicted does not follow. In fact, most police are able to walk away from committing crimes such as these without facing any real repercussions. The fact that these crimes go overlooked and under-investigated reveals the true value that the police system has placed on innocent black lives. The movement Black Lives Matter calls for the police force to take responsibility for its faults and make necessary changes within its system so that the black community can feel safe, rather than afraid, around those who have vowed to protect them from harm.

As Black Lives matter has spread across our country, it has brought about protests that are making great strides in changing the way our country addresses racism. That is what makes Black Lives Matter so important, because while it stands for the achievement of basic human rights for the black community, it also stands for so much more. It showcases the lack of representation that the black community faces in all sorts of careers and platforms, and explains white privilege to so many who are able to live their daily lives without fear of prejudice or mistreatment. It forces police and other government staff members to accept that they work for an inherently corrupt and racist system, and educates those with privilege on the black experience. This movement connects people of all communities and generations by giving them a chance to advocate for a world where young black kids don't have to be afraid of those who are supposed to protect them and where violence isn't used to silence protestors who fight against wrongful deaths caused by those in power. Although it is difficult for many people to admit, coming to the realization that our country is built on flawed and racially discriminatory systems is the first step to changing it for the better.

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