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Bring Back "Snail Mail"

Happy Holidays Everyone! Yesterday (Monday December 7th), I celebrated an extremely underrated National holiday, National Letter Writing Day! I know, the thought of handwriting a letter only to mail it out and have it not be received until about a month later seems like an intense waste of time, especially since its so easy for us to pick up our phones and send our loved ones a simple text or phone call. However, there's something so personal and thoughtful about sending a letter to someone's home that really fascinates me. Maybe its because I've been raised in a time where sending letters is nowhere near the top our lists of preferred methods of communication, or maybe its because I like having the chance to show off my handwriting. Either way, I decided to take advantage of the fact that it was National Letter Writing Day and send some letters to some people that I think will definitely appreciate it.

It wasn't until I started writing the letters until I realized that 1. I wasn't entirely sure how to address a letter or what I should even write about and 2. letter writing is EXHAUSTING. By my second letter, my hand had completely cramped and I was ready to give up. As much pain as I was in, I found the experience to be completely worth it. I think small and overlooked holidays like National Letter Writing Day deserve much more credit than they're given. Being able to add a fun new activity to my to-do list in the name of a National holiday adds an element of excitement to my day that I think everyone should try to experience. Especially since most of our typical activities and methods of connecting with others have been so limited this year. Overall, I ended up having a really nice time hand-writing my thoughts to friends and I hope that it brings them joy to open these letters when they finally arrives at their doors.

Hopefully I'll be able to provide more photographic updates as the letters arrive at their intended destinations. Stay Tuned! (and hey, maybe you can even write a letter while you're waiting)

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