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Online School: It's Still Happening

As the second semester of my junior year begins, I figured it would be an appropriate time to do another online school reflection. Now that this has become the norm, it is routine for me and my classmates to log on for school in the morning. There have obviously been many obstacles in my online learning, from sleeping in and being two minutes late to log in to attempting to participate in a class discussion while my sibling is in Spanish class next to me. However, I have come to a point in my virtual learning where I have a routine, I am more productive, and I know how to maximize my time.

While I miss going to school and being with my friends and teachers more than anything, online school has opened up a plethora of doors for me. I can manage my time in the most efficient way so that, in those five minutes between classes, I can quickly finish smaller assignments. By doing this, I am constantly working on something because I am constantly at my laptop in my house. Some would say being on a screen all day is terrible but, I have to disagree. Taking time to talk to people is important, and resting your eyes from the blue light is also important. But, by being on my computer all day, I am constantly productive. Whether I am editing articles, writing an essay, or doing research, I am getting things done. Nonetheless, I still make an attempt to handwrite anything I can because, as my psychology teacher says, handwriting is better for your memory because you process the information you are writing.

Online school has become the norm, and I don’t hate it. Understandably, virtual school is not everyone’s cup of tea due to the lack of contact with classmates and the many distractions that are around your learning environment. But, I do think that virtual learning has taught us all something about ourselves. Some have learned that being in school is their jam and they have to see the teacher teaching in front of them while others have learned that by taking their education into their own hands and selectively choosing when to tune in to class, they achieve the same if not better results.

COVID-19 has been a pain to say the least. Hopefully staying optimistic and looking at the existent, probably few, positives allows for a less turbulent pandemic experience.

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