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Artificial Intelligence

What is it and what is it not

These days, a lot of people like to throw around the term, “artificial intelligence,” without really knowing what it means. The truth is that artificial intelligence is a very broad term. AI is the replication of human intelligence in machines so that machines can think like humans. AI has many subsets like machine learning, teaching machines how to improve at tasks by giving them experience, and deep learning, allowing computers to teach themselves to get better.

So why do people fear it? With the rise of sci-fi films and conspiracy theories, many people think that AI will be the cause for the world’s demise. People think that “robots will take over” and that “someone is always watching.” As obnoxious as this sounds, it is partly true. According to BBC, over 20 million jobs in manufacturing will be taken by machines. And, if you think about it, someone is always watching. Have you ever wondered why when you searched up a brand on Safari, you got an ad from them right after on Instagram? It’s all AI. Slowly but surely, AI will have a larger impact on your day-to-day life then you could ever imagine.

But on the other hand, why is it so revolutionary? With the use of AI, scientists are able to better understand illnesses and cure it. For example, researchers at the University of Cambridge were able to locate four molecules using AI that can lead to a protein linked with Alzheimers. Also, since a machine’s “mind” is not clouded with emotion like our human minds, AI can lead to better decision making. Likewise, since it is a machine, it can work 24/7, promoting efficiency.

AI is one of those topics that people like to talk a lot about but have no idea what they are saying. I hope that this cleared up what AI truly is for you, and now you can formulate your own opinion on it.

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