Hi, I'm Cherie!

I absolutely love film and photography, which is why I've decided to turn my page into a photo diary where I can share more about the day-to-day aspects of my life. I hope you enjoy my updates and that they help you get a sense of who I truly am!



October 18, 2020

Recently, my friends and I have decided to start a new tradition with each other. Once a month we get together and hold a themed tea party. It might sound kind of odd, but its a really fun excuse for us to dress up or wear a costume and have an elegant yet fun time. We've had about three so far, and now they have become something I truly look forward to doing. Although the classy and sophisticated attitudes don't last very long, for a brief moment we feel like we have been transported to a much simpler time where we don't have to worry about impending school work or the global pandemic that has basically ruined our junior year.



September 2, 2020

I recently had a catch-up session with one of my best childhood friends who now lives in New York. We had lunch, walked around the city, and talked about every aspect of our lives. This was such a fun outing considering the fact that its been probably 3-4 years (yes, YEARS) since I last saw her. I'm so glad that I even had the opportunity to meet up with her because its a friendship that I definitely don't want to risk losing. Even though these times have made spending time with friends seem like a thing of the past, its been nice to spend time on making new friendships and re-kindling some old ones.



November 1, 2020

On a family outing today, I came to the realization that my favorite meal is brunch. To me and assumably to many others, there is no greater time of day to eat. As someone who dislikes eating right after waking up but LOVES breakfast foods, and finds lunch to be the most boring meal possible, I find brunch to be an amazing combination of time, duration, and food options that leads to absolute perfection in all areas. Along with it being an objectively perfect meal, I can say with absolute certainty that I have NEVER had a bad brunch. It is an impossible meal to mess up. SO take this into consideration next time you're debating when to grab food with friends or family.


October 10, 2020

I wouldn't normally consider myself to be a spontaneous person, but with quarantine and school making every day feel the same, I felt the need to work on my spontaneous abilities. So far it's going pretty well. The other day, as I was driving to West Palm Beach with my mom, I noticed a billboard a butterfly park/garden called Butterfly World. We decided to pull over and spend the day there. Although my love for butterflies and nature would have probably taken me there eventually, it was fun acting on impulse even if it was only for a day. Above is a picture of some beautiful flowers I saw, hopefully this serves as a reminder to keep a carpe diem mindset even when it comes to the little things (which means a LOT coming from someone who is not very spontaneous herself). 



October 3, 2020

As many of you might have seen, doing this ghost-themed photoshoot has been a major trend on tiktok. As a person with a major interest in all things photography, I decided to put my skills to the test. Although taking these pictures in the middle of my neighborhood attracted more attention than I hoped it would, the process/result of editing the photos was totally worth it. This trend has totally inspired me to learn more about photo editing and try out some other fun trends in the future.



June 20, 2020

My second official outing of quarantine, a socially distant picnic with one of my closest friends. As a person who loves aesthetically pleasing outings, I have always wanted to have a picnic in a nearby park, so this outing was especially fun for me. I'll definitely be having more of these picnics in the future and cant wait to try a wide variety of picnic-friendly foods.



June 13, 2020

The other day, I was finally able to escape my room and the pajamas I had been wearing for at least a month to have an adventure in the real world. I had such a good time being safely away from my house and around real people, especially since I got to experience such a beautiful sunset along with it.



April 9, 2020

During this quarantine, I've been investing most of my time in up-cycling mine and my family's old clothes. I find up-cycling to be a really fun and entertaining to way to use my spare time. Its also a very environmentally and cost-effective way to re-vamp my closet rather than buying brand new clothes. My favorite clothing item that I've recently up-cycled are these old jeans. I used bleach to draw a smiley-face pattern all over the jean then washed out the bleach for this final result!