Who are we?

The Our Favorite Things authors have been close friends for many years. Connected through school, from a young age, we've seen each other grow into the distinct and amazing individuals that we are. With varying but compatible personalities, attitudes, and interests, it's no wonder we were able to take our friendship from the school playground to the hectic world of high school. Like any other friendship we have our ups and downs, but we always come together to create amazing things. It wasn't until recently that we decided to combine our talents to create Our Favorite Things, and we are so excited for you to join us on our journey.




Hi, I'm Maddie. I'm 16 years old and I am from Miami, Florida. Some fun facts about me are: I am left-handed, I am a huge advocate for making rocky road ice cream more popular to be sold in more stores, and I 100% believe that The Beatles were, are, and will forever be the greatest band to ever exist. As nerdy as it sounds, I love to problem solve. This ranges from coding, to riddles, to reading thriller novels and resolving the mystery before the book ends. As I mentioned, I love to code which enables me to instantly see the results of my program. In addition, I have a soft spot for learning about true crime. I love books, podcasts, and movies about unsolved mysteries, which probably explains why my favorite author is Agatha Christie. I plan to write my blog posts on my countless experiences and opinions, and to start off, I have a classic riddle for everyone: 

What creature goes on four feet in the morning, two at noonday, and three in the evening? 




Hi, I'm Cherie. I'm 17 years old and live in Miami, Florida. I love traveling, especially when it involves trying new things and experiencing new cultures. I also love learning and expanding my knowledge of the world and how it works. When i'm not in school I enjoy upcycling clothing, film photography, and anything that involves art and creativity. I'm often seen maintaining a positive attitude and am typically the one to offer friends advice as well as cheer them up. I hope to use my blog posts as an outlet for sharing my passions and excitement for all the of these things.




Hi I'm Abi! I'm 16 years old and am from Miami, Florida. Some fun facts about me are: I am a Gemini (the most notable zodiac sign), I am a quarter of an inch away from being 5 feet tall but I am told I "seem tall" because of how assertive I am. I enjoy playing piano, running, and writing. I run a small brownie-making business and enjoy testing new recipes in the kitchen. In addition to my cute hobbies, I love learning and talking about politics. I think voter education is one of the most important topics that needs more awareness which is why I frequently write about civic engagement. 


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